September 4, 2017


In addition to our tennis coaching programmes, Kinteik Tennis offers the following services:

Stringing service

Our stringing service boasts a 24-hour turn-around time and you can collect your racquet at any of our venues.

Racquet & equipment sales

Request a catalogue from your coach and discuss your requirements with them today.

Tennis tours (local & international)

Our players travel to TSA (Tennis South Africa) tournaments in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Durban annually.

We also arrange ITF (International Tennis Federation) tours within African and overseas.

Match play

We host weekly mini tournaments over weekends and one tournament every three months.

Strength & conditioning

Tired of watching others play because the coach thinks the others are better than you?

All great athletes know which areas they need to work on in order to perform. We all understand athlete’s time is very precious, so in-depth exercise science assessment is the foundation of your success.

Based on your specific areas of weakness, we design tailor -made programs to help you reach your goals. Continuous assessment lets you monitor your progress, as we take you from good to great.

Book your exercise science assessment now.

USA scholarships

We assist in and advise on the process of us college applications. We also introduce our players to our network of coaches and universities in the US. In addition, we can provide a full placement service package that covers the application process from start to end.

Racquet fitment

Not sure what racquet to use for yourself or your child? Ask the pros who know.

Don’t waste your money buying a racquet that is not tailored to your needs from someone who sells equipment—come speak to us.

Choose better. Play better. Get better results.