1. How do I know what my level of play is?

A: To find out book a free individual lesson or join one of our group / squads so that we can assess your skill and level. From here our team will advise what is the best training program for you, or your child. (Please see ONLINE BOOKING & TELEPHONE BOOKING sections below)


  1. How do I know with what ball should my child play / practice? (Red, Orange, Green or Yellow balls)


A: To find the solution book a free individual lesson or group / squad for your child, so that our team can assess his / her ability and skill level. We will then advise what is the best training program for them to enter into.

(Please see ONLINE BOOKING & TELEPHONE BOOKING sections below)

  1. What are the different type of lesson packages that I can choose from to book?


A:           The different lesson package types are:

  • Individual (1 player / 1 coach)
  • Dual Trainer (2 players / 1 coach)
  • Mini 4 Group (Up to 4 players / 1 coach)
  • Squad (More than 4 players / 1 coach)


  1. How many lessons are in a package?

A: There are 10 lessons in a lesson package that have to be completed before the end of each SA Public school term period, otherwise the lessons will expire and be forfeited by the client.


  1. Will I be able to complete my lesson package during the allocated time?

A: Yes, as you would have a permanent time slot each week to complete your lesson. The public school term has at least 10 weeks in the term to complete  the ten lessons.

  1. Is my lesson package billed per semester and when must I settle the lesson package total?

A: Yes it is billed for the semester, and the total lesson package fee can be settled before the end of the first month during the specific SA Public school term.


  1. Can I do a down payment over three months to settle my lesson package?

A: If arranged with our office we will consider a 3 month down payment plan of the total lesson package fees. That will be the total divided by three and billed over three months.

  1. Can I cancel a lesson package once I have booked and confirmed my time and day for coaching?

A: No, Unfortunately you are liable for the full cost of the lesson package as it has been confirmed for you. The lessons must then be completed.


  1. How long notice must I give if I would like to cancel any coaching service?

A: One month notice prior to the end of the lesson package coaching period (SA Public School Term)


  1. Can I make up a lesson if I cancelled the lesson on the same day it is booked?

A: No, the lesson will be forfeited unless proof of doctors note etc. is provided to the coach or Kinetik’s office.


  1. Can I make up a lesson if I cancelled 24 hours prior to the booked lesson time?

A: Yes, but only if another time has been confirmed with the coach that works for him / her and the cancelled lesson must be completed within 7 days of the cancelled lesson’s date.

  1. What is an Ad-hoc lesson?

A: This lesson is NOT part of the 10 x  lesson package, and is optional to book if the client wants additional lessons with the coach.

  1. How do I register with Kinetik Tennis Academy?

A: Please visit (link) and enter your details to register on our system. We will then confirm your lesson package that you have decided on via email with you.

  1. Can I book a lesson for myself or my child online?

A: Yes you can. Please visit kinetiktennis.com and click on the  BOOK LESSON tab.


  1. Will I receive confirmation of my lesson time and date?

A: Definitely. We will send you a notification / confirmation email and a text message provided you entered your cellphone number.

  1. Can I book a lesson for myself or my child over the phone?


A: Absolutely yes. Please provide the consultant with your available dates and times for your lesson. You may also book a permanent weekly slot for the duration of your lesson package (see lesson packages for more info)

  1. Can I buy tennis racquets and equipment through Kinetik Tennis Academy?

A: With Babolat as our sponsor we get you the best price on the product that you want to purchase. Ask your coach to get you a price.

  1. I would like my child to enter tennis tournaments but don’t know how to proceed?


A: Please speak to your coach to assist you in this process. Kinetik Tennis Academy in partnership with Get Set Play runs a weekly Mini Masters tournament for green ball players at Fairland Tennis Club every Saturday morning. We also host red, orange and green ball tournaments once a semester at our different venues. Please visit www.getsetplay.co.za to get more details and enter.

  1. Does Kinetik offer any local tennis tours during the year?


A: Yes we do. We have two local tours in the June & July public school term holidays to the Growthpoint Super 8 tournament in Benoni and the one at Ellis Park as well. We do not stay over at booked accommodation during these tours and players return home everyday to their family homes.



  1. Does Kinetik offer any national tours during the year?


A: Yes we do. We offer a tour annually to the TSA National Championships in April for our players aged 9-17 years in Bloemfontein. We also offer a tour to two TSA Tournaments in Cape Town during December. Both these tours is away travel tours, and ranges from between 12-14 days in duration. https://getsetplay.co.za/events/category/tennis-performance-tours/


  1. How do I know if my child is ready / old enough, or able to do a tour with the academy?


A: Please speak request a phone call from Jean de Lange, the director of tennis to assist you with regards to this.

  1. Can I enter a tennis league with Kinetik?

A: We have an awesome 3 a side doubles league that runs during the evenings for six weeks at a time. https://getsetplay.co.za/events/category/tennis-night-life/

  1. Do you provide a racquet stringing service?

A: Yes we do use an external professional stringer. Will notify us if you need racquets restrung so that we can help you.